Our strategic imperatives

The Otago RSLG has adopted the Kaponga – the Silver Tree Fern - to visually represent our work, and the strategic imperatives that guide it.

1. In the outermost frond

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – partnership in everything we do, a resource to support us all.

2. In the next oldest frond

Kaitiakitanga – pervades all our work to protect and regenerate the workforce and ensure sustainability in the workforce. Its strength will allow us to focus on a region-wide perspective and contribute to strong, local, circular economies (whānau, community, and business).

3. In the second from youngest frond

The 3 sisters of Complexity, Change, and Innovation – recognising that the accelerating rate of complexity and change globally behoves us all to engage innovatively.

4. In the innermost frond there are 2 kaupapa that are interwoven

That which is at the heart of what we seek to do, recognising that these 2 cannot be separated:

The dignity of all – individuals, whānau, community, our economic endeavours, and reciprocity between our workforce, community, and businesses

Resilience – in our communities, whānau, and businesses, in our environment, in our Hauora and Wairua.