Glossary of terms

Acceptable Solution

Acceptable Solutions give specific construction details, often for commonly used building materials, systems and methods. Designs based on them must be accepted by Building Consent Authorities as demonstrating compliance with the Building Code.

Alternative Solution

An alternative solution can include a material, component or construction method that differs completely or partially from those given in the Acceptable Solutions. Designs that include alternative solutions must provide evidence to show how the proposed work will meet the requirements of the Building Code.

Building Code

The Building Code is contained in regulations under the Building Act 2004. The Building Code sets clear expectations of the standards buildings must meet. It covers aspects such as structural stability, durability, protection from fire, access, moisture control, services and facilities, and energy efficiency.

Building Consent Authority (BCA)

The council or private organisation carrying out building control functions.

Building Control Official or Building Consent Officer (BCO)

The Building Consent Authority employees or people contracted by Building Consent Authorities to perform building control functions.

Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

The formal statement confirming that Building Consent Authorities are satisfied that all building work has been completed in accordance with the building consent.

Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)

Building practitioners that have been assessed as competent to carry out design or building work essential to the structure or weathertightness of residential buildings.

Request for Information (RFI)

A formal request issued by Building Consent Authorities if the consent application requires additional detail to determine whether there are reasonable grounds to conclude that the work complies with the Building Code.

Restricted Building Work (RBW)

Design and building work that is critical to the structure and weathertightness of a residential building. Restricted building work must be carried out by a licensed building practitioner with the appropriate licence for the type of work.