Independent Research Organisations

Independent research organisations have internal capability for carrying out research, science, technology or related activities with ownerships and governance independent of Government.

Independent Research Organisations in New Zealand

There are 18 independent research organisations that are members of the Independent Research Association of New Zealand (IRANZ).

Primary Processing, Food Safety and the Environment

  • Aqualinc Research Limited
  • Bragato Research Institute – Grape and Wine Research
  • Cawthron Institute
  • LASRA – The New Zealand Leather & Shoe Research Association
  • Lincoln Agritech Ltd
  • PlantTech Research Institute

Infrastructure and the Economy

  • BRANZ – Building Research Association of New Zealand
  • CRL Energy
  • HERA – Heavy Engineering Research Association
  • Mackie Research
  • Motu – Economic and Public Policy Research
  • NZ Institute for Minerals to Materials Research
  • TERNZ – Transport Engineering Research NZ
  • TiDA – Titanium Industry Development Association
  • WSP Opus Research
  • Xerra – Earth Observation Institute

Health and Medicine

  • Malaghan Institute
  • MRINZ – Medical Research Institute of New Zealand

The role of IROs

Independent Research Organisations play an important role in the New Zealand Science system, they are all different and they are a great way of enabling New Zealand to increase high-impact research by business, economic sectors and the community.

More information

For more information on Independent Research Organisations, check out the IRANZ website.

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Last updated: 29 March 2023