Diversity in Science statement

Diversity is vital for our science system to realise its full potential. A focus on diversity ensures we capture the very best ideas and talent to support the highest quality research.

Two people drawing on a transparent whiteboard.


An inclusive and diverse environment

Everyone will have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the science system to their fullest potential by:

  • Ensuring that everyone can see themselves as the next research leaders
  • Recognising that the pathways to success are not linear and include a wide range of achievements
  • Challenging bias and ensuring fair and inclusive funding processes
  • Encouraging a diversity of people and perspectives as part of the scientific process
  • Reflecting on diversity in everything we say and do. From how and what we write, to the design of our funding policies and processes and our people


People, data, policy and process


  • Showcase researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • Ensure a diversity of people and perspectives in advisory, assessment and decision making bodies
  • Raise awareness of unconscious bias


  • Report on the diversity of our applicants, award holders and advisory, assessment and decision making bodies

Policy and process

  • Review funding policies and processes to understand their impact on inclusion and diversity
  • Build our understanding of inequities in the science talent pipeline
  • Connect with other parts of the system to identify collective goals, promote existing initiatives and identify gaps.

Our aspiration

A vibrant and successful science and research base that reflects the diversity of New Zealand