Update from the Tourism Data Leadership Group

Early in 2023 the Tourism Data Leadership Group (TDLG) publicly released its initial report:

Tourism Data Leadership Group initial report

The report included a recommended package of proposed initiatives to be undertaken in upcoming years. Since then:

  • key stakeholders, as well as the sector had the opportunity to feed back on the package of recommendations

Summary of the feedback provided on the TDLG report

  • the TDLG has begun transitioning from the establishment phase into a 2-year implementation phase, which includes the allocation of the funding. The transition has involved some membership changes.

Membership – Tourism Data Leadership Group 

While a 2-year implementation/business plan is a priority for the Group, the Group is taking a staged approach to identifying its priorities. In part this is due to the nature of the work required to develop a longer-term plan; but a staged approach also recognises that the outcome of the General Election could impact on the TDLG’s proposed priorities. A longer-term strategic plan is anticipated to be released for consultation by the end of the financial year. In the interim, for the remainder of 2023 the TDLG will focus on a select number of near-term key initiatives from the initial report:

  • investigating Domestic Tourism Measures, including re-establishing a Domestic Tourism Survey (data to be available in 2024)
  • supporting the implementation of a Community Sentiment Survey that meets the whole sector’s needs (including at a regional level)
  • establishing the data needs of Māori Tourism Businesses and Communities (including identification of gaps)
  • progressing Regenerative Tourism data needs (including development of a framework and identification of gaps).

The key rationale for progressing this initial work is outlined overleaf. In undertaking this work the TDLG will be considering how both ma Māori mo te katoa (what is good for Māori, is good for all) and innovation will be incorporated into their work. Additionally, the TDLG are required to identify contributions (financial or otherwise) from the sector in order to achieve a sustainable funding model. Any investment in the above initiatives will be in line with the investment approach that is due to be agreed.

In addition to working on these recommendations from the initial report, in the next 6 months the TDLG will be completing requirements as outlined in the revised Refreshed TDLG Terms of Reference (developing a data roadmap, a prioritisation framework and investment approach).

Refreshed Terms of Reference

These tools will enable the development of the strategic business plan, as well as inform work on the tourism data system itself.

A number of engagement/influence-type recommendations listed in the initial report are either complete or ongoing:

Engagement/influence recommendations – completed or underway

Engagement/influence activities (both those listed in the initial report, as well as those created from evolving opportunities) will continue throughout the life of the TDLG.

Last updated: 13 September 2023