Engagement/influence recommendations – completed or underway

1a: The Tourism Data Leadership Group (TDLG) to engage with MBIE and Stats NZ to review the design of the International Visitor Survey (IVS) and consider options that lessen the responder burden and future proof the data quality.

1c: TDLG to be a key stakeholder in the process to digitise the Arrivals Card to protect and enhance the range and depth of tourism data generated, as well as improve the timeliness of the data availability.

1d: TDLG supports MBIE’s current investigation into expanding the coverage of the Accommodation Data Programme (ADP) to short-stay (Airbnb-type) accommodations and the increased automation of data provision from respondents.

1e: TDLG to provide input to the MBIE process to identify a new provider and methodology for resuming the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs). 

5c: MBIE, with TDLG input, to determine what additional international visitor insights can be included in the quarterly release of data from the IVS.

5d: Stats NZ, MBIE, and TDLG to discuss how the IVS raw data can be made more accessible for analysis.

5e: TDLG to engage with Immigration New Zealand and Customs to explore whether aggregated travel intention information can be shared from the NZeTA and visitor visas.

5f: TDLG and MBIE to discuss with the Department of Conservation (DOC) potential enhancements, additional insights, and data sharing from their visitor insights. 

5g: TDLG to discuss with Tourism New Zealand whether additional and more consistently produced visitor insights can be shared from their existing data sources.

Last updated: 13 September 2023