Consulation on the revised Terms of References

The refreshed Terms of Reference (TOR) of the TDLG focuses on supporting the next phase of the work programme, including prioritising its recommendations and the allocation of up to $5 million from the IVL. The current TOR focused on the one year long establishment phase, with its membership appointed for 12 months.

A draft of the refreshed TOR was circulated for a public consultation from 8 to 15 March 2023.

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Overall, the feedback on the refreshed TOR was positive, and respondents support the changes. While the vision, purpose and objective of the TDLG remain unchanged, the following changes were made:

  • Members that are not public servants or are not employed by any government agency, Crown entity or local government will be paid in accordance with the Cabinet Fees Framework.
  • Process for extending or re-appointing members to the TDLG.  The current TOR implies that membership will expire in May 2023, so the new term of appointment is clarified and timings set.
  • MBIE have allowed for a maximum of 2 members from TDLG to be part of the panel who assess the potential data providers in the procurement process.
  • Procurement process that MBIE are required to follow and have been included to provide clarification for the TDLG members on how any new data sets will be acquired.
  • MBIE will manage the media requests for the TDLG.
  • Technical advisors with expertise in tourism data and statistics, research and communications can be consulted by the TDLG, as required. This may cover areas such as sectoral data, hospitality, airline data and Māori tikanga.
  • The introduction of an evaluation framework to determine the effectiveness of the TDLG. This will be managed by MBIE, in consultation with the TDLG. The evaluation will be undertaken independently.

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The refreshed TOR was approved by the Minister of Tourism.

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