Stats NZ 2015 review of tourism data

In 2015, Stats NZ carried out a review of our suite of tourism statistics.

Review focus

The review was focused around 4 broad questions:

  • How well does our current suite of tourism statistics meet the needs defined in the 2011 Tourism Data Domain Plan?
  • Is the supporting infrastructure, system and processes surrounding the tourism statistics of the quality required?
  • Can we produce the tourism statistics more efficiently in a sustained manner?
  • What other opportunities are there for improvement?


Overall, the Stats NZ review panel found that a considerable amount of progress had been made towards the recommendations outlined in the 2011 Tourism Data Domain Plan. The review team believed that the we had robust processes in place and were catering for their stakeholders.

Stats NZ identified 3 main areas for improvement across the suite of tourism statistics. We could:

  • better communicate the validity and evidence of the quality of the data
  • communicate changes to release dates to stakeholders as early as possible
  • continue work on the development of a regional domestic tourism volume series.

Stats NZ Review of Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s tourism statistics Nov 2015 [PDF, 857 KB]