Tō mātou whakakitenga mō Te Tauihu o te Waka | Our vision for the future of Marlborough

In consultation with our community, the Marlborough RSLG has developed and adopted a vision for the future of Marlborough’s workforce.  This vision will guide us and our actions over the next 15 years.

Our mission statement

Advance our future workforce together

We have a productive and resilient Marlborough economy that is well resourced by its workforce, skills, training and talent.

The outcomes we want

Outcome 1: A resilient, sustainable economy and workforce

  • Everyone is enabled to participate fully in the labour market.
  • We recognise and respect the importance of the whenua and taiao (the land and our natural world) to our identity and our economy.
  • The workforce and local industry are multi-skilled and adaptable to change.

Outcome 2: An enabled Māori economy

  • We are connected and working towards the aspirations of the Te Tauihu Intergenerational Strategy – Tūpuna Pono: To Be Good Ancestors.
  • We are working in partnership with iwi/Māori and supporting their aspirations and objectives.

The pathways to get there

Pathway 1: Diverse opportunities for meaningful employment

  • Our workforce supports a diversified and productive economy.
  • There is a wide range of flexible employment opportunities to attract people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Businesses offer career pathways and development supported by training options offered locally, either in person or online.

Pathway 2: Equitable workplaces

  • We have modern and equitable workplaces so that everyone is able to achieve their potential.
  • We have inclusive workplaces.
  • Local employers are supported to invest in upskilling and retraining their workforce.

Pathway 3: People are attracted to live and work in and from Marlborough

  • People see the opportunities in Marlborough and want to live here.
  • We have an inclusive community that enables all people to thrive, including Māori, older workers, new arrivals and young people.
  • We have the connectivity and infrastructure to work and do business across the country and the world.
  • We have a 21st century education system that supports lifelong learning.