Ngā mahi me ngā whakaaro whakamutunga | Final steps and thoughts

This RWP is a snapshot in time in mid-2022. It has been developed with the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic which is impacting our community and labour market.

The relationships we have formed this year will give us a good foundation going into 2023.This includes our relationship with iwi, our local community as well as WDCs and other locally based government agencies. Over the next year we will work with you, our community and industries, to implement the actions set out in this plan.

Part of our role over the past year has been to figure out what we know and don’t know about Marlborough’s labour market and sectors. Going forward, we will deepen our understanding of the workforce needs in Marlborough, both now and in the future, and how our education and training can best respond.

The RWP will be presented to the Government, and a formal response to the Plan will be provided by the end of 2022.

The RSLG is not a time limited programme of work. This is our first plan, and we will be refreshing the RWP on an annual basis with a full review every three years. This will give us the opportunity to bed in our work and make sure we are heading in the right direction.


Members of the RSLG:

Corey Hebberd, Jennifer Moxon, Craig Churchill, Stephanie Benseman, Celia Daniels, Neil Henry, Tracy Johnston, Marcus Pickens, Kay Saville-Smith and Mark Watson.

Previous and interim members:

Erika Te Whiu, David Kettley, Brendon Burns, Liz Buttimore, Nick Chin, Nita Van Grinsven, Phil Robinson, Rita Powick and Steve McManus.

We would also like to thank Marlborough District Council for collaborating with us as they developed their economic wellbeing strategy, including through workshops with key regional stakeholders.

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