Gas market

We have a central role in governing, monitoring and advising on the gas market to ensure that gas is delivered in a safe, efficient, fair, reliable and environmentally sustainable manner.

The Gas Industry Company

We oversee and monitor the activities of the Gas Industry Company (GIC), which was established in 2004 as the gas industry body under Part 4A of the Gas Act 1992.

Gas Industry Company(external link)

Gas Act 1992(external link)

The GIC develops and makes recommendations to the Minister of Energy and Resources under the co-regulatory governance arrangements applying to the downstream gas industry.

We assess recommendations made by the GIC on:

  • gas processing
  • wholesaling
  • transmission
  • distribution and retailing
  • administering parts of the Gas Act 1992.

Other agencies

Several other regulatory agencies also have oversight of aspects of the gas sector:

  • Energy Safety(external link), part of WorkSafe, is responsible for the administration and development of parts of the Gas Act, and for regulations and Codes of Practice relating to safety, quality and measurement of gas.
  • The Commerce Commission administers information disclosure and default/customised price-quality regulation, under Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986 that applies to gas pipeline services companies.

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Gas security

This page is about gas security, a review of the Maui pipeline outage and a gas disruption study the government commissioned.

Gas regulatory framework

The gas market is governed by regulations and rules jointly developed by the Gas Industry Company and the government.

Gas supply and demand

Natural gas underpins electricity supply security, supports a substantial petrochemical manufacturing sector and is used by many export industries and over 266,000 consumers.

Gas operator status

Gas distributors may need to apply for gas operator status to perform certain activities in some areas.

Amending the Gas Act

A bill to amend the Gas Act 1992 which will improve information disclosure and increase the maximum financial penalty for breaching regulations has been introduced to Parliament.