New system for managing earthquake-prone buildings

On 1 July 2017 a new system for managing earthquake-prone buildings took effect under the Building Act 2004.

What the new system does

The new system ensures the way our buildings are managed for future earthquakes is consistent across the country. It also provides more information for people using buildings, such as notices on earthquake-prone buildings and a public register.

Read more information about managing earthquake-prone buildings(external link) on our Building Performance website.


Regulatory Impact Statement: Regulations under the Building (Earthquake‐prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016 [PDF, 699 KB]

Some questions and answers on the new legislation [PDF, 209 KB]

Other information

Volume 4 of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission's Final Report(external link) on the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission website.

Building and construction consultations has information on our previous earthquake-prone building proposals.