Building and Construction Sector Trends: Annual Report 2023

This report provides an overview of the significant trends in New Zealand’s building and construction sector - offering insights into its current state, challenges, and opportunities. It also sheds light on global innovations in building design, technologies, and materials.

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Executive summary

The New Zealand building and construction sector continues to evolve amidst changing conditions and global trends. This report highlights key insights into the sector’s performance and emerging trends between July 2022 and June 2023.


This section includes context on the sector’s economic performance during the past year, local and international factors affecting its performance, the purpose of the report and research approach and limitations.

Workforce dynamics and demographics

This section provides insights into the sector’s employment landscape, showing trends and demographic shifts. It highlights the sector’s contribution to New Zealand’s workforce, with employment gains driven by population growth and infrastructure projects. Despite strides in diversity, challenges persist, particularly in attracting and retaining skilled labour.

Key New Zealand economic and industry trends

This section provides an overview of the sector’s economic significance in New Zealand, highlighting its contribution to GDP and employment. Despite facing challenges like cost pressures and labour shortages, there’s a notable increase in Māori-owned construction businesses, reflecting growing diversity and opportunities within the industry.

Emerging trends in building design, technologies, and materials

This section provides an overview of key innovation trends currently reshaping the global construction landscape. It also features local examples applying and adapting these trends.