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Antarctic Science platform

The Government is investing $49 million in an Antarctic Science Platform to help us understand Antarctica’s impact on the global climate, and how this might change in a warming world.

AgResearch's science platforms

AgResearch receives $38.4 million per year for 2 science platforms – Agri-food production and Premium agri-foods. This page provides the public statement from our contract with AgResearch.

Ngā Rakau Taketake – combatting kauri dieback and myrtle rust

In November 2018, the Minister of Research, Science and Innovation announced funding of $13.75 million over 3 years for research to combat the spread of kauri dieback and myrtle rust. The New Zealand’s Biological Heritage (NZBH) National Science Challenge has since been working closely with Māori and a wide range of stakeholders to develop a strategic science investment (SSIF) platform of research to combat these diseases.

NZ Leather & Shoe Research Association's science platform

The NZ Leather & Shoe Research Association (LASRA) receives $0.9 million per year for 1 science platform – Export quality hides. On this page is the public statement from our contract with LASRA.