Crown Research Institute Toolkit

The Crown Research Institute (CRI) Toolkit provides useful information, examples and frameworks to help CRIs in improving their performance, providing assurance and meeting accountability arrangements.

The purpose of the Toolkit

The Toolkit is primarily for CRI boards, management and staff.

The information and guidelines in the Toolkit:

  • outline the accountability and performance framework in which CRIs operate
  • clarify CRI board roles and responsibilities
  • reflect the overarching outcomes and changes as a result of the Government’s endorsement of the Crown Research Institute Taskforce recommendations (2010) and more recent policy decisions.

Crown Research Institute Taskforce recommendations (2010) [PDF, 875 KB]

What the Toolkit covers

The Toolkit comprises of 4 sections:

Section 1: Legislation and governance guidelines
Section 2: Planning and reporting requirements
Section 3: Monitoring and indicators
Section 4: Ownership, relationships and protocols

See links below to each section.

Toolkit updates and format

The Toolkit will be updated as processes, policies and shareholding ministers’ expectations of CRIs change.

A web-based format for the Toolkit gives CRIs immediate access to these updates.

The Toolkit should be read in conjunction with relevant legislation. 


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