Charges for critical workers in managed isolation

Find out how much you need to pay.

Even with national quarantine and isolation moving back to the health system in July 2023, you may still be required to pay for your stay in MIQ.

Critical health workers

These charges do not apply to critical health workers who pay the same amount as returning New Zealanders. Critical health workers are another border exception, separate from the other critical workers.

Rates for the stay in a managed isolation or quarantine facility

The Ministry of Health and Managed Isolation and Quarantine undertook a risk assessment and in some cases permitted groups of critical workers to share rooms.

  • Where the risk assessment determined that room-sharing for critical workers entering as part of a group was not permitted, the fee including GST is:
    • $2,760 for the first or only person in a room
  • Where the risk assessment allowed for groups of critical workers to share rooms, or where an individual critical worker was sharing a room with their spouse, partner and/or child, the following reduced rates can apply:
    • $1,495 for a second adult in a room
    • $805 for a child (3-17 years old)
    • children under 3 years old are not charged.

Who will pay the charges for critical workers

  • Employers, supporting agencies, or relevant industry bodies (where there is one) will be required to pay the fee (not the employee) unless there is no employer on the visa. It is likely that the invoice will be issued to the employee, and they will need to ask their employer to pay on their behalf or seek reimbursement from them.
  • Where possible employers were invoiced in advance of the critical worker’s arrival or just after they arrived in managed isolation.
  • Employers or critical workers will not be eligible to apply for any waiver of the fee.
  • Payment of the fee is required within 30 days of the invoice being issued.
Last updated: 30 June 2023