Paying your charges

Charges for staying in managed isolation and quarantine can be paid by direct deposit/internet banking or by credit card into the account specified on your invoice.

Even with national quarantine and isolation moving back to the health system in July 2023, you may still be required to pay for your stay in MIQ.

Receiving your invoice

We will send the invoice for your stay in managed isolation to the email address you provided us when you booked your voucher.

The email will be sent from:

If you have not received an invoice, check your email junk mail folder.

How to pay

You can make a credit card payment from the MIQ Payment Portal page. Payments are accepted using Visa or MasterCard Debit and Credit cards from most major banks. This option is available for all invoices, regardless of when they were issued.

Go to the MIQ Payment Portal(external link)

If you're making a deposit from an international bank account, please talk to your bank about how to make an International Money Transfer. The bank SWIFT code will be on your invoice.

If you arrived before 20 August 2021 and you are liable for MIQ fees you will have 90 days from the date your invoice is issued to pay your bill.

If you arrived on or after 20 August 2021 and you are liable for MIQ fees you will have 30 days from the date your invoice is issued to pay your bill.

Fee Waivers

Applications to waive charges for managed isolation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Find out more information on the waivers page.

Waivers for charges

Applying for an instalment plan or deferment

If paying your invoice in one payment will create financial hardship you can apply for an instalment plan or deferment.

To do this the MIQ Debt team requires some information about your situation, a completed Statement of Financial Position and 3 months of bank statements.

Please send this information to

Statement of Financial Position form [PDF, 139 KB]

Milton Graham

Milton Graham is assisting MIQ in working with returnees to pay their MIQ bills.

If your invoice is more than 30 days overdue, you may get an email from Milton Graham to work on options to pay your bill.

This is not the same as debt collection, which is only considered once an invoice is more than 90 days overdue. Milton Graham’s assistance is to help you with you flexible, consistent, and efficient options to help you pay your bill.

Credit Consultants

If you have not paid your MIQ bill after 90 days, you may get an email from Credit Consultants who are our debt collection partner acting on our behalf.

Last updated: 30 June 2023