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Conduct of financial institutions regulations Closed: 18 June 2021, 5pm

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is seeking submissions on possible regulations to support the operation of the Financial Markets (Conduct of Institutions) Amendment Bill. The feedback from this consultation will be used to advise the Government on options for regulations.

Building system reform: Proposals for regulations Closed: 18 June 2021, 5pm

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is consulting on proposals for regulations to support the Building (Building Products and Methods, Modular Components and Other Matters) Amendment Bill.

Proposed changes to the LBP scheme Closed: 04 June 2021, 5pm

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment manages the Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) scheme, and would like feedback on possible changes to the scheme.

Updating the references to standards in the electricity and gas safety regulations Closed: 01 June 2021, 5pm

We are proposing to amend the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 and the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 so they reference up-to-date standards and reflect the latest international certification and conformance regimes.

Building Code update 2021 Closed: 28 May 2021, 5pm

This consultation closed on Friday, 28 May 2021. Visit the Building website for more information on the outcome of the proposed updates, and other upcoming changes to the Building Code.

National direction on industrial greenhouse gas emissions Closed: 20 May 2021, 5pm

Consultation is open on the development of a national direction on industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

Supporting sustainable freedom camping in Aotearoa New Zealand Closed: 16 May 2021, 11:55pm

The Government has consulted on how to make freedom camping in New Zealand more sustainable. The discussion document released outlined four proposals to improve freedom camping in New Zealand, asking for public feedback.

Review of approved financial dispute resolution scheme rules Closed: 06 May 2021, 5pm

We are seeking public input into problems and proposed options to address jurisdictional inconsistencies between approved dispute resolution scheme rules.

Bullying and harassment at work Closed: 31 March 2021, 5pm

MBIE released an Issues Paper on bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment) at work in New Zealand. We asked the public to tell us about how effective the systems are that prevent and respond to bullying and harassment at work.

Regulating to reduce merchant service fees Closed: 19 February 2021, 10am

Submissions are now invited on the options to regulate merchant service fees.