Proposed regulatory regime for Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS)

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Submissions due: 06 August 2024, 5pm

The Government proposes creating a clear regulatory landscape for CCUS that provides a level playing field for this technology.

About the consultation 

CCUS involves the extraction and capture of CO2 from industrial activity or directly from the air. It is most easily extracted from large point sources, such as the emissions from upstream natural gas extraction and production facilities, power generation, or industrial facilities that use fossil fuels or biomass as fuel. The captured CO2 can be used commercially (eg for dry-ice chilling meat or in greenhouses to promote plant growth) or permanently stored underground. 

A regulatory regime for CCUS would allow industries to access CCUS technology on a level playing field with other emissions reduction and removal mechanisms to better enable a least cost transition towards net zero emissions.

The proposals paper seeks feedback on the Government’s proposed approach to enabling CCUS. The paper seeks feedback on:

  • How CCUS activities should be treated under the Emissions Trading Scheme;
  • What type of monitoring regime should be imposed for CCUS;
  • How liability for CO2 storage sites should be managed;
  • How the consenting and permitting regimes should work for CCUS;
  • Whether there are any barriers to enabling the utilisation of carbon captured.

Relevant documents 

The consultation document and further information about the proposals to support your submission are provided below.

How to make a submission

When completing the submission form, please provide comments and reasons explaining your choices. Your feedback provides valuable information and informs decisions about the design of the strategy.

You can submit your feedback by 5pm, 6 August 2024 by:


  • Post to:
    CCUS team
    Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
    PO Box 1473
    Wellington 6140

Your feedback will contribute the design of the regulatory regime for Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage. It will also become official information, which means it may be requested under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA).

The OIA specifies that information is to be made available upon request unless there are sufficient grounds for withholding it. If we receive a request, we cannot guarantee that feedback you provide us will not be made public. Any decision to withhold information requested under the OIA is reviewable by the Ombudsman.

You can direct any questions that you have in relation to the submissions process to

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