Options to address safety risks of corded window coverings

Submissions closed: 19 March 2023, 5pm

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) consulted on options to address safety risks presented by corded window coverings.

Loose cords for window coverings (for example, roller blinds, concertina blinds, Roman blinds and slatted blinds like Venetian blinds) can pose a risk of strangulation to young children who can become entangled in cord loops.

Since 2009 there have been 6 deaths of young children in New Zealand due to cords in window coverings – 3 of which have occurred in the past 10 years.

MBIE has taken a number of steps to address safety issues with these products, including engaging with retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and community organisations, as well as consumer promotions. This was to raise awareness and encourage consumers to consider the voluntary retrofitting of safety measures for corded window coverings or the purchase and sale of cordless designs. 

This consultation then sought feedback on a range of options to further address the safety risks corded window coverings pose to young children, including regulation, as well as other non-regulatory options that could support regulation.

MBIE intends to use this consultation process, along with further research, to develop a better understanding of the nature and scale of the problem, the options, benefits, costs and other impacts of the options, and implementation.

Submissions closed on 5 March 2023, 5pm.

Submissions received

We received 12 submissions on the discussion document ‘Options to address safety risks of corded window coverings’. We have published submissions where authorised by the submitter. Submitters had a range of views on whether window coverings should be regulated, and the form that any regulation should take. We are now analysing the submissions received, and we advise Ministers on recommended options in the coming months.