Draft Long-term Insights Briefing on the future of business for Aotearoa New Zealand

Submissions closed: 24 June 2022, 5pm

Consultation is now open on a draft Long-term Insights Briefing on ‘The future of business for Aotearoa New Zealand: An exploration of 2 trends influencing productivity and wellbeing – purpose-led business and use of blockchain technology’.

About the consultation

Long-term Insights Briefings (Briefings) are a new requirement for departments under the Public Service Act 2020. They help us plan for the future and identify opportunities early. In Phase 1 your input helped us select a subject.

The MBIE Long-term Insights Briefing document below details the summary of feedback from Phase 1. The input that you provide in Phase 2 will help us to strengthen the quality of the insights in the Briefing.

Why are we interested in the future of business?

New Zealand businesses are rethinking their role, purpose and how they operate in response to global trends such as climate change, technology change and demographic change. New Zealand’s unique characteristics, strengths and enduring challenges are also influencing this shift.

There are opportunities and implications for future productivity and wellbeing outcomes for New Zealanders. There may be a role for government to help ensure the future outcomes that businesses and New Zealanders more broadly want to achieve, are aligned. 

What aspects of the future of business does the Briefing focus on?

This Briefing explores two less well-known areas of business change – growth of purpose-led business and use of blockchain technology, both with implications for future productivity and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

Why we are consulting

We are keen to hear directly from New Zealanders about the content of this draft Briefing. Your feedback will help us to finalise the Briefing for submission to Parliament.

Next steps

The final Long-term Insights Briefing will be presented to the House of Representatives by the end of 2022.

Last updated: 18 May 2022