How to use the TIS/VIS

Learn about how to access telephone and video interpreting services.

Connecting with a telephone interpreter

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From New Zealand

Call 0800 854 737

From overseas

Call +64 9 871 0401

When you call Connecting Now you will hear a pre-recorded message and be given a menu of options to select from.

Press 1 to get access to a telephone interpreter immediately.

Make sure you have your PIN number ready.

The Telephone Interpreting Service is an on-demand service. This means there is no need to pre-book a telephone interpreter for the most common languages. Pre-booking is required for less common languages.

List of available languages(external link) — Connecting Now

To pre-book:

For video or rare language pre-booking requests, simply complete the online interpreter booking request form and a Connecting Now consultant will be in touch to confirm your booking.

Online interpreter booking request form(external link) — Connecting Now

Booking and connecting with a video interpreter

Alongside telephone interpreters, Connecting Now provides video interpreters through a video platform.

Video interpreting:

  • serves as an effective replacement for onsite interpreting in situations where interpreters are not available or are required at short notice

  • provides greater flexibility in crisis management situations such as pandemics where the physical presence of non-critical personnel could present significant risks

  • presents greater opportunities for cost containment given the minimum period is 50% less than onsite interpreting.

Agencies’ staff wishing to use video interpreting services will be able to either:

  • Outsource the entire scheduling of the video session to Connecting Now, who will email the zoom link to you and your non-English speaker/s - this option is recommended for staff with no access to Zoom Premium Licences; or

  • Request that a video interpreter be assigned to your zoom session, which you have already pre-booked - this option is recommended for those staff with Zoom Premium Licences who need to schedule formal zoom sessions such as meditations or interviews.

Unlike for telephone interpreting services (with the exception of rare languages) pre-booking is necessary for video interpreting.

Online interpreter booking request form(external link) — Connecting Now

Tips for agencies' staff to work through an interpreter

Start the call with a round of introductions and inform the client that the call is recorded for quality assurance, training and dispute resolution purposes.

Speak slowly, clearly and stop frequently to enable the interpreter to convey the information to your client.

Talk directly to your client as if they spoke English, and the interpreter will relay your words.

Contacting Connecting Now

Contact Connecting Now customer support

Phone: 0800 854 737 - Option 2


Provide feedback to Connecting Now

Phone: 0800 854 737 - Option 2


Last updated: 04 April 2023