Regional Skills Leadership Groups

In 2019, Regional Skills Leadership Groups (RSLG) were established to support the development of workforce plans for regions. These Regional Workforce Plans (RWPs) were to be informed by regional economic development priorities to ensure businesses attract people with the right skills to the right place.

In 2023, the new Government’s coalition agreements committed to end funding for the RSLGs. This was followed by an announcement on Friday 26 January 2024 by the Minister for Social Development and Employment that the RSLGs would be disestablished. As a result, MBIE’s support of the RSLGs has now ended, with the closure of the RSLG function effective on 28 March 2024.

The work of the RSLGs has been valuable for not only regional stakeholders and partners but also government agencies and will be useful for future skills planning.

MBIE is grateful to everyone who supported the RSLG function with their time and expertise.

RWPs and Local Insight Reports (LIRs) produced by the RSLGs are still available and can be accessed below. Local insights reports provide on-the ground qualitative and quantitative information on regional labour markets and skills. 

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Regional Workforce Plans and Local insight reports

Each of the 15 RSLGs produced RWPs in 2022, refreshed them in 2023, and established LIRs.

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