Our long term vision for the future of Wellington region

A photo from the dunes on Paraparaumu Beach looking out to Kāpiti Island

Photo: WellingtonNZ

Success will look like:

  1. A regional culture of decent work so everyone can participate fully and equitably in their places of work, community and society. This means work that is accessible, whether physically or digitally, secure, fairly paid, flexible, allows for work/life balance and personal development, and is meaningful and motivating.
  2. A skilled workforce, with clear pathways for development, upskilling and progression. This means people having skills for current and future work, understanding opportunities and development, knowing how to access skills training, having career mobility (the ability to move between employers, jobs, careers), and the reduction or removal of barriers along the pathway. It includes concepts of mobility, development and navigation that will build an agile and resilient workforce.
  3. Collaboration to develop our region’s workforce for our region’s current and future needs. This means employers being able to meet their current and future skills needs so they can innovate, grow and prosper, and be able to do this primarily from the region or from Aotearoa. It also refers to the role of all partners, including employers, in effectively anticipating, influencing and supporting training and skills development.
  4. Workforce aspirations of the region’s Iwi are realised. This recognises their importance and the RSLG’s role in upholding the principles of partnership in Te Tiriti. It makes provision for the RSLG to be deliberate in its support of the workforce aspirations of mana whenua in our region.
  5. Across our region the workforce aspirations of local communities are realised. Porirua, Kāpiti and the Wairarapa have developed workforce plans for their communities. This outcome makes provision for the RSLG to be deliberate in its support of plans for these and other communities and to fulfil its regional co-ordination role. Common elements from these plans have been identified.

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