The focus for the next 12 months

Our RWP 2022 remains relevant and well targeted and continues to be valid as a longer-term strategy plan. The plan is sufficiently agile to shift with changing pressures and conditions.

Left image man holds a test tube up to the morning light over a vineyard, right image a woman works on a metal lathe.

For the next 12 months the RSLG will continue to progress actions and activities already underway. There is active engagement and progress across multiple actions. We will continue building relationships, bringing stakeholders together, and sharing our insights.

The following will be added to our priorities for the coming twelve months:

  • Action 4: Build awareness of careers in our region and coordinate engagement between careers advisers and employers in our priority sectors.
  • Action 5: Explore ways to make training, upskilling and reskilling opportunities more widely known among Pacific communities. Encourage educators and organisations that serve our young people to help educate young workers about their employment rights and obligations.
  • Action 6: Seek support for programmes that have achieved good employment outcomes for our priority communities. Extend and expand existing internship programmes and cadetships for Māori, Pacific peoples, young people, former refugees, and ethnic communities.