Progress update on Year One activities and next steps for the year ahead

We have made good progress across the 9 actions of the RWP and the 39 associated activities. We have been focusing on actions that help maximise the available workforce, build connections, and support our young people. In the coming year we will begin the activities in ‘Our Focus for the Next Twelve Months’ and activities relating to our other focus areas of skills development and building thriving workplaces.

Action 1

Create specific sector and youth advisory groups (or affiliate with existing groups) to build a strong regional system for workforce construction, primary, digital, manufacturing, visitor.

Key milestones and activities

1a) We have connected with the Wairarapa Primary Sector Advisory Group to attend its regular meetings.

Planning is under way to convene a Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Group in July. Targeted stakeholder engagement has informed planning for a regional health sector group focused on the kaiāwhina pathway.

1b) We partnered with WellingtonNZ to convene a workshop for peers in local government across the region who are involved in workforce planning. A second meeting is planned and it will be hosted by the Kāpiti Coast District Council.

1c) We are working with the Wellington Regional Leadership Committee to bring a youth voice to regional planning, with benefits to the region. Participating young people will provide extra insight. We have sought advice about a caucus from a third party experienced in co-design for youth engagement. The RSLG and Wellington Regional Leadership Committee are part of the project group and will provide project oversight, contribute to operational decisions, and carry out agreed activities on behalf of each other.

Next steps

1a) Regular meetings in place for the next year to build connections in the region. An RSLG representative will attend Wairarapa Primary Sector Advisory Group meetings. The first meeting will be held in July 2023.

Complete planning and set up a health sector stakeholder group. Digital, manufacturing and visitor sector groups will be established to complement and extend the sector groups already in place

1b) The group will continue to meet regularly.

1c) We will continue to work with the Wellington Regional Leadership Committee to achieve a well-designed youth caucus. We will use the advice from the third party in its design.
A youth caucus is established and operating by September 2023.

Action 2

Make information and support available to employers to source retain progress and upskill people from our priority communities.

Key milestones and activities

We have received a report ‘Communicating with Businesses’ which identifies effective employer facing mechanisms and effective stakeholder communication.

The report provides a framework to engage with employers.

Next steps

This preparatory work positions us well to take action with employers in the upcoming year.

Action 3

Encourage use of social procurement arrangements by large organisations in the region to increase sustainable employment for our priority communities.

Key milestones and activities

We have engaged with local leaders of social procurement and gathered key information to plan for greater use of social procurement in our region. We have also completed a summary of regional arrangements for social procurement as a foundation for informed planning.

We took part in a significant social procurement event hosted by Te Matarau a Māui to enhance opportunities for Māori businesses and Māori employment through procurement.

Next steps

Continue work to enhance regional partnerships and coordination for effective use of social procurement arrangements in the region.

Promote Living Wage criterion in social procurement requirements.

Action 6

Seek support for programmes and initiatives that are achieving good employment outcomes for our priority communities.

Key milestones and activities

6a) We are working in partnership with Workbridge to increase employment opportunities for disabled people in local government in our region.

6e and f) We have partnered with the Wellington Regional Leadership Impact Group around education to employment initiatives across the region. The group is undertaking a project to better coordinate, align, and develop education to employment pathways and services for young people with accountability to the Regional Public Service Commissioner.

Next steps

6a) Work together with Workbridge to develop a joined-up approach to engagement with local government.

6e and f) This project will continue. The Regional Public Service Commissioner (RPSC) will monitor progress and report this to the RSLG. The RPSC has partnered with a local organisation to fund a new role to give effect to this action. This is a 12 month fixed term role for an Equity Coordinator.

Action 8

Take account of iwi development and local workforce plans and provide support to achieve specific outcomes.

Key milestones and activities

Regular meetings with Kāpiti Coast District Council staff to keep abreast of progress in the development of a local education to employment hub.

A summary report captures the RSLG’s current understanding of iwi priorities for skill development.

We have received a driver licensing report with Wellington data that confirms the most significant barriers to obtaining a driver’s licence and identifies initiatives that provide solutions.

Next steps

Maintain awareness of hub developments in Kāpiti and future plans in Wairarapa to identify avenues of support for these as required.

Summary report of iwi priorities for skill development to be updated on a regular basis.

Most significant barriers to obtaining a driver’s licence in Wellington to be explored.

Action 9

Make data and information available to assist decision making.

Key milestones and activities

Data has been effectively used for decision making: Infometrics data, TEC data via Ngā Kete, other data available via RSLG Insights and Strategy, other RSLG reports and data, WDC data.

Next steps

Regularly monitor and report on data.