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Taitokerau (Northland) is home to about 198,000 people and while our communities are mostly of European descent we have a far greater proportion of Māori in our communities than in other rohe (36%).

National population estimates: At 30 June 2022(external link) — StatsNZ

Our rohe has 3 main sub regions with the populations for each being – the Far North district (72,600), Kaipara district (26,000) and Whangārei district (99,400).

The combination of Northland’s natural assets along with its rich historic and cultural heritage are highly valued by the region’s communities and employers. Together they form an important source of distinctiveness for the region that underpin many of our rohe’s most thriving enterprises. Maintaining and enhancing both these natural and cultural assets is essential to our economic future.

With approximately $300 million of recent public sector investment in infrastructure, skill development, tourism, and innovation projects, together with increasing private investment, developing the narrative for the region’s future workforce is positive.