A broader focus for 2 sectors

In the 2022 Regional workforce plan (RWP) we identified 5 focus sectors:

  1. Tautiakitanga noho kāinga | Aged residential care
  2. Ahumoana | Aquaculture
  3. Ahumairangi | Aviation
  4. Ngā mahi hanganga | Building and construction
  5. Te rāngai waina | Wine.

In consultation with our community, we have broadened our approach in 2 focus sectors to better capture their unique challenges.

Aged residential care

Aged residential care has been expanded to the broader Health sector. In our 2022 RWP we focused on Aged residential care and noted the recommendations would provide benefits across the health sector. We also signalled we would review the scope of our healthcare focus in consultation with our community. This broader approach better reflects the scope of our work, particularly in addressing current and future opportunities and challenges in this sector’s workforce in Marlborough.


Aviation has been expanded to the broader category of Aerospace. Marlborough is regarded as a centre for aviation and expanding our focus to the aerospace sector better represents the direction of this sector in our region. Aerospace is a priority sector in Marlborough’s Economic Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2032 and Marlborough aspires to be the Aerospace Training Hub in the Te Pūkenga network.

Marlborough’s Economic Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2032 [PDF, 1.65MB](external link)  — Malborough District Council

Last updated: 20 June 2023