Imported goods subject to anti-dumping and countervailing duties

This page lists the imported goods that are subject to anti-dumping and countervailing duty in New Zealand.

Imported goods subject to duty

The table below sets out the imported goods subject to duty, our Customs instructions and the date the duties cease to apply.

Notes for the table

  • Customs instructions: We instruct the New Zealand Customs Service on how to apply the duty. Customs instructions may include confidential information excluded from the instructions available here.
  • Date duties cease: Anti-dumping and countervailing duties cease to be payable on imported goods 5 years after the final determination, unless they are subject to a review. 
Description of goods Customs instruction Date duties cease
Preserved peaches from Spain MBIE/AD/R/2021/00 [PDF, 48 KB] 24 May 2027
Aluminium-zinc coated steel from Korea MBIE/AD/I/2021/001 [PDF, 48 KB] 29 March 2027
Canned peaches from Greece MBIE/AD/R/2020/003 [PDF, 84 KB] 28 April 2026
Galvanised wire from China MBIE/AD/I/2020/002 [PDF, 555 KB] 12 March 2026
Galvanised wire from Malaysia MBIE/AD/R/2020/001 [PDF, 422 KB] 17 December 2025
Canned peaches from South Africa E/009/CS003/001 [PDF, 105 KB] 13 March 2025
Last updated: 23 December 2022