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Our Long-term Insights Briefing on the future of business for Aotearoa New Zealand

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is pleased to share with you our Long-term Insights Briefing: 'The future of business for Aotearoa New Zealand: An exploration of 2 trends influencing productivity and wellbeing – purpose-led business and use of blockchain technology'. Thank you to everyone who shared their knowledge and insights to inform the development of the Briefing.

Executive summary

There is a significant growth story ahead for successful digital technology firms in Aotearoa New Zealand. Given our distance from markets, these companies are important because they are global from day one, have a lower environmental footprint on average, are not constrained physically so are scalable, and present a pathway to high paying jobs for more New Zealanders. These are some of the reasons for backing New Zealand’s digital technologies sector.

Future focus areas

This section covers areas where some preparatory work has been undertaken. These work areas have been identified as important to progress. However, further policy planning, development and/or dedicated funding are required to shape up work programmes in the future.