2019 NASA Summer Interns

Watch short vlogs from New Zealand’s first interns as they adjust to life at NASA and document their leading edge space projects. The top tertiary students were chosen from over 200 applicants to participate in the 2019 NASA International Internship Programme over the U.S Summer from June to September 2019. To complement this opportunity, the New Zealand Space Agency offered the New Zealand Space Scholarship.

Andrew's reflections on NASA

20 August 2019

In the final days at the Ames research Center, Andrew Alder chats about what he's gained from the NASA International Internship Programme at Silicon Valley, California.

Farewell to a living museum

20 August 2019

Kiwi space intern Hammond Pearce sums up his 10 week NASA International Internship experience.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

20 August 2019

Rose Swears has recently completed a 10 week internship at NASA on the NZ Space Scholarship. She reflects on what she's learnt and what it means for her future career in space research.

Testing aircraft designs at the world's largest wind tunnel

18 July 2019

Now over halfway through his 10-week internship at the NASA Ames Research Center, Andrew shows us the world's largest wind tunnel for testing aircraft technology. His project at NASA is focusing on designing novel wing sensors for aircraft, an experience made possible by the NZ Space Scholarship provided by MBIE's New Zealand Space Agency.

How do robots traverse new planets? Hammond shows us at NASA

11 July 2019

Nearly halfway through the 10-week internship, Hammond Pearce is designing a robot called ‘Superball’ which will one day navigate difficult terrain on the Moon, Mars or some other planet. In this Vlog, Hammond takes us to NASA’s Roverscape Robotics Research Development and Test Facility - talking us through how Superball works and what he’s learning.

NZ's NASA Interns on robots, wing sensors & the search for life

3 July 2019

Selected New Zealand students are at NASA's International Internship programme from June-August 2019. In this video they discuss their cutting edge projects and their first impressions of NASA. The students received NZ Space Scholarships to attend this prestigious 3-month programme. The scholarships are managed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Space Agency.

Rose Swears - acclimatising to NASA

16 June 2019

Rose Swears from Waikato University talks about how she is acclimatising to NASA

Hammond Pearce introduces NASA space tech

12 June 2019

Hammond Pearce explains to us novel technologies the interns will get to see and work on at NASA, and the truly international nature of this internship programme.

Andrew Alder – first week at NASA

12 June 2019

In June 2019, four talented New Zealand university students started their 3 month NASA International Internship programme at the NASA Ames Research Centre in California. Andrew Alder explains his first impressions and what he’s hoping the internship will offer him.

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