2019 NASA Autumn Interns

A further 3 students from the same round were chosen for the Autumn NASA Internship period from September to December 2019, and given prestigious New Zealand Space Scholarships to attend. Follow the video journeys of their unique projects and experiences there.

Final words from Kiwi interns at NASA

 11 December 2019

As their NASA internship draws to a close in Silicon Valley - Finbar, Lynley and Sam tell us about how their amazing space projects went. They also encourage other post-graduate STEM students to apply by 19 December 2019 for next year's round.

Kiwis' NASA Projects - Mars, distant planets and 3D

18 November 2019

Midway through their NZ Space Scholarship from the NZ Space Agency at the NASA Ames Research Center in California, Finbar Argus, Sam Donald and Lynley St George describe their cutting edge space projects.

Seeing deep into space with NASA

12 November 2019

Sam Donald studied a Bachelor of Engineering specialising in Mechatronics at the University of Canterbury. He has received a NZ Space Scholarship to work at the prestigious NASA Ames Research Center to understand new ways of analysing images to find undiscovered earth and super-earth sized planets, hundreds of light years away.   

Improving rotors and Mars helicopters for NASA with Finbar Argus

21 October 2019

Finbar Argus is a University of Auckland student on a NZ Space Scholarship at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. Finbar describes his ground breaking project on rotorcraft (such as drones) which one day may be used for planetary exploration. 

Introducing Lynley St George

19 September 2019

Lynley St George is a Waikato University student who specialises in human computer interaction and data visualisation. Lynley explains the novel media project she's embarking on at NASA, and gives us her first impressions of life in the U.S as an intern on the NZ Space Scholarship.

Last updated: 23 November 2020