Have your say

This consultation is an opportunity to share your views on the values and policy objectives that underpin New Zealand’s space activities and engagements.

What to consider

You may find it helpful to consider the following questions when providing your feedback:

  • Why is space important to you? Why are you interested in space?
  • To what extent do you agree with the space values and policies which currently guide New Zealand's activities and engagements on space?
  • What space activities and engagements should New Zealand be inviting and/or promoting?
  • Who should the New Zealand government be engaging with on space?
  • How do you want to be engaged on space issues?

How to make a submission

Visit the MBIE consultation portal for details on how to make a submission:

New Zealand Space Policy Review Consultation

How will my feedback be used?

Your feedback will be collated into a summary of feedback report. This will assist the New Zealand government to create or amend space policies and to look at:

  • Creating a National Space Policy: a document which outlines New Zealand’s values and objectives on space, including for our international partners.
  • Articulating our broad interests on space across multiple activities and engagements: including at United Nations fora and with international space and security partners.
  • Developing future space strategies, policies and regulatory changes: including adjusting our policies and regulations to meet advancements in space technology.
  • Further engagement on space policy with the New Zealand public: including on any key areas of interest identified through the consultation.
  • Considering whether any legislative changes are required to the Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Act 2017.

Separate aerospace consultation

The government is also consulting on an Aerospace Strategy which sets out a vision and goals to grow the wider aerospace sector (which includes space and advanced aviation) in New Zealand.

For further information see: Aotearoa New Zealand Aerospace Strategy

Alternatively, the Space Policy Review consultation highlights the broader values and interests for the space sector (including, and beyond, economic development benefits), which will assist with the development of future space policies.