Previous Intern Experiences

US Ambassador Scott Brown and former Economic Development Minister David Parker announce NASA interns

Former Economic Development Minister David Parker announces the four NASA interns with US Ambassador Scott Brown holding up their inaugural mission patch.

Photo credit: Ola Thorsen, US Embassy

2019 NASA Interns

Over 200 applications were submitted to the New Zealand Space Agency’s call for the 2019 NASA International Internship Programme at the Ames Research Center. From these, seven interns were selected to complete internships.

To find out about their projects and experiences watch their Vlogs

2019 NASA Summer Interns

2019 NASA Autumn Interns

2021 and 2022 NASA JPL Interns

To date, three interns have completed remote internships with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as part of the Visiting Student Research Program. See what our JPL interns have to say about their experiences here:

Cloud computing, machine learning and the Hubble Space Telescope

Mikhael Sayat on helping to create the next generation of space-based computers

Mission operations, machine learning and donut catchups