Programmes funded through the Strategic Science Investment Fund

Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) Programmes provides an active partnership between government and research organisations to deliver government science priorities.

SSIF Programmes is structured around science platforms and programmes. A science platform is 'a combination of people, facilities, information and knowledge that provide a particular, ongoing science and innovation capability for New Zealand'.

Further description of the principles underlying the science platforms can be found in the SSIF Investment Plan.

In this section

Advanced Energy Technology platform

Advanced Energy Technology is technology at the frontier of innovation, with the potential to advance and disrupt global energy markets.

Antarctic Science platform

The Government is investing $49 million in an Antarctic Science Platform to help us understand Antarctica’s impact on the global climate, and how this might change in a warming world.

Crown Research Institute platforms

In 2017 we ran a process to transfer $193 million of funding per year from Crown Research Institute (CRI) core funding into 16 SSIF science platforms across the 7 CRIs.

Data Science platform

The SSIF Data Science platform intends to significantly lift New Zealand’s capability, support and encourage dynamic and world class data science research, and deliver on the Government’s data science investment goals.

Independent Research Organisation platforms

In 2018 we ran a process to transfer $5.9 million of funding per year from Independent Research Organisation (IRO) capability funding into 3 SSIF science platforms across 2 IROs.

Infectious Disease Research Platform

The Government is investing $36 million excluding GST over 3 years in an Infectious Disease Research Platform to ensure New Zealand has world class research capability to respond to serious infectious disease threats.

Ngā Rakau Taketake – combatting kauri dieback and myrtle rust

The New Zealand’s Biological Heritage (NZBH) National Science Challenge has been working closely with Māori and a wide range of stakeholders to develop a strategic science investment (SSIF) platform of research to combat the spread of kauri dieback and myrtle rust.

Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) Development Platform

The Government is investing $69.5 million excluding GST over 7 years in a SSIF Platform for Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) development.

Last updated: 05 October 2023