Infrastructure funded through the Strategic Science Investment Fund

The Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) Infrastructure supports infrastructure with high national benefits that will not emerge in the course of usual business because of the scale, complexity, long duration and multi-user nature of the investment.

Access to high quality research infrastructure is a critical input into excellent science. 

The SSIF allows for greater coordination and impact from this nationally critical infrastructure and currently funds:

  • Australian Synchrotron
  • Enhanced Geohazards Monitoring
  • Genomics Aotearoa
  • National eScience Infrastructure
  • Nationally Significant Collections and Databases
  • Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand
  • Research Vessel Tangaroa.

Hosting opportunity to support state of-the-art MethaneSAT satellite

Open to all New Zealand universities, a call for the opportunity to host a New Zealand Mission Operations Control Centre to support the MethaneSAT mission. A physical location with IT infrastructure, the purpose of this centre will be provide a set of functional capabilities for the command, control and support of the MethaneSAT satellite and future satellite missions for New Zealand.

For more information: Mission Operations Control Centre

In this section

Australian Synchrotron

The Australian Synchrotron is a world class scientific research facility located just outside of Melbourne.

Enhanced Geohazards Monitoring

The Government is investing $19.5 million over 4 years in enhancing GeoNet to enable faster, more accurate and available science advice and warnings for major geological events.

Genomics Aotearoa

This page sets out our contract with Genomics Aotearoa, a new consortium of New Zealand's leading researchers in genomics and bioinformatics.

Mission Operations Control Centre

The Mission Operations Control Centre is a significant investment in infrastructure that will build New Zealand’s capability to operate complex satellite missions

National eScience Infrastructure

NeSI - New Zealand eScience Infrastructure - is New Zealand's computing research infrastructure.

Nationally Significant Collections and Databases

Scientific collections and databases comprise systematically collected groups of items or data that underpin a broad range of scientific research.

Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand

Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand operates a high-capacity, ultra high-speed national research and education network (NREN).

Research Vessel Tangaroa

This page sets out the details of our contract with NIWA for the Research Vessel Tangaroa.

Review of scientific collections and databases

We are currently reviewing the Government’s investment in scientific collections and databases to ensure an efficient and enduring funding model.

Last updated: 16 December 2020