Catalyst: Strategic – New Zealand-DLR Joint Research Programme December 2020

MBIE has announced the 12 successful proposals Catalyst: Strategic – New Zealand-DLR Joint Research Programme December 2020

About this Programme

MBIE and DLR signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) at the International Astronautical Congress in Bremen in 2018 to enable joint research collaboration. MBIE invited proposals for feasibility studies under Catalyst: Strategic for feasibility studies with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the areas of propulsion, space communications and Synthetic Aperture Radar technologies.

Funded projects

Proposal title Organisation Recommended funding amount
Optical Communication Ground Station Feasibility Study University of Auckland $75,000.00
Development of a deployable Synthetic Aperture Radar antenna concept for nanosatellites University of Auckland $75,000.00
Long term quantum memories in satellite quantum communications networks University of Otago $75,000.00
Synthetic aperture radar measurements of Antarctic sea ice Bodeker Scientific Limited $75,000.00
An eye in the southern sky - sensor design for high altitude pseudo satellites Kea Aerospace Limited $75,000.00
Advanced Object Detectability in a Water Clutter Environment Using InSAR Moller Pollard Consulting $74,948.00
Measuring the micro-thrust of small-scale electric propulsors The Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington $70,328.00
Study of advanced N2O-based green propulsion systems for large satellite and deep space applications Dawn Aerospace Limited $75,000.00
Measuring the Earth Surface using Small-Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar: Feasibility Study University of Auckland $73,972.00
Detecting Sparse Ice in the Southern Ocean
Oceanum Limited $75,000.00
Magnetic Propulsion - Deceleration and Shielding of Spacecraft Argo Navis Limited $75,000.00
Fibre Composites in Space and Reentry Environments University of Auckland $74,999.00

Public Statements of funded projects (MBIE-administered)

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