The Statement of Intent as a living document

The Statement of Intent will be reviewed in five years

Changes in digital and telecommunications technology, and international and domestic circumstances take place rapidly. It is not uncommon for technology to be superseded within 5 years.

To ensure it remains relevant to current issues and technology, and therefore useful, the Government Statement of Intent will be reviewed at least within 5 years.

Earlier reviews if circumstances change rapidly

The Government Statement of Intent may be reviewed in full, or in part, earlier than the five-year review to:

  • respond to emerging issues, opportunities or changes in other circumstances that have significant impacts on connectivity in Aotearoa New Zealand, and thereby require a change to priorities or objectives
  • re-align or adjust actions and initiatives against objectives if the indicators used to measure progress suggest a change of approach is required to meet an objective (or speed up the achievement of the objective)
  • reflect any changes in approach or priorities that may be required as projects or initiatives are completed or objectives met.

Administrative responsibility for Lifting Connectivity in Aotearoa sits with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. For any questions that you have in relation to this document, please direct them to