Enabling more people to benefit from connectivity

Lifting Connectivity in Aotearoa reflects on our progress towards achieving world-class telecommunications networks in New Zealand and sets out our ambitions to improve access to connectivity infrastructure, particularly for rural and remote communities.

Delivering on connectivity is essential if we are to reach the vision of the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa namely:

Enabling Aotearoa New Zealand’s people, communities, economy, and environment to flourish and prosper in the digital era.

The Digital Strategy for Aotearoa is the start of the journey towards supporting everyone in New Zealand to seize the opportunities of digital technologies. It is framed around 3 pillars, each with specific goals:

  • Mahi Tika – Trust: New Zealanders feel safe and empowered in online environments. Organisations and businesses design and use digital technologies and data in fair, culturally appropriate, trustworthy ways; and our digital and data infrastructures are fit-for-purpose and secure.
  • Mahi Tahi – Inclusion: All New Zealanders have the tools, skills and confidence to participate in an increasingly digital society; and digital infrastructure, content and services meet people’s diverse needs.
  • Mahi Ake – Growth: Our businesses and organisations innovate and increase productivity using digital technologies and data; and we have a thriving, fast growing and inclusive technology sector.

Good access to high-quality connectivity underpins the ability of people, communities, the economy and the environment to benefit from digital technologies. It will support Aotearoa New Zealand to be a more equitable, innovative place with a strong economy that is resilient, sustainable, and ready for the future. Digital technologies and data will support wellbeing, and will provide new opportunities to ‘earn, learn and thrive.’

Lifting Connectivity in Aotearoa, the Government’s Statement of Intent, outlines the foundation for the digital connectivity we have, and the areas we need to address to reach the vision we have for Aotearoa New Zealand in the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa.