Co-chairs’ foreword

Tē tōia, tē haumatia. Nothing can be achieved without a plan, a workforce, and a way of doing things.

We are starting with this whakataukī (proverb) as it neatly covers the intent of this final version of He Mahere Tiaki Kaimahi, the Better Work Action Plan. The overall goal of the Tourism Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) remains to support the transformation of the industry to a more regenerative system that helps life to thrive. This plan starts with a focus on the workforce, the core to achieve a thriving tourism system, through our Better Work Tirohanga Hou (new ways of doing things).

On behalf of the Better Work Leadership Group, we want to thank all those in the tourism industry who contributed to the development of this plan, including the people who reached out to us, and those who consulted on the draft action plan and provided valuable feedback. Thank you for your contributions, which have helped shape this final action plan. We hope you can see your input represented.

One of the things we were told during consultation was that to be successful, we need to be driven by purpose. The world’s boldest and most courageous individuals and organisations are influencing systemic change to tackle the most pressing problems we face, such as climate change, by embedding purpose into their businesses. Employees are rightly asking themselves and their employers about the difference they are making – not just now, but for future generations. Change is happening now and tourism in Aotearoa New Zealand can choose to lead or be left behind. There are already some fantastic stories about businesses leading the way, and we are confident there will be many more.

The Tourism ITP’s initial focus on the people who work in the industry provides the foundation for the next phase of the Industry Transformation Plan which will be focused on the environment. The Tirohanga Hou in this action plan need to be viewed as a package of systems change, driving better outcomes for the tourism workforce. In turn, Better Work will enable broader change to occur.

We end with another whakataukī: I orea te tuatara ka patu ki waho – A problem is solved by continuing to find solutions. The next step is to implement this plan. We are conscious that we need to be responsive to the changing environment and changing context, so this plan will be monitored by the Better Work Leadership Group and adjusted as the needs of the tourism system change.

Thank you once again,

Gráinne Troute
Chair of Tourism Industry Aotearoa
Industry co-Chair

John Crocker
National Secretary of Unite Union
Union co-Chair

Heather Kirkham
General Manager of MBIE Tourism
Government co-Chair

Last updated: 28 June 2023