Next steps


The Better Work Action Plan acts as a blueprint for the implementation of the initiatives noted in it. The implementation plan for these initiatives will continue to be developed following its release.

Sub-groups with members of the Better Work Leadership Group will continue in the implementation phase. Industry, workers, iwi, and other organisations outside the Better Work Leadership Group will also be engaged as necessary to help develop or deliver specific initiatives.

Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

A monitoring and evaluation plan is being developed within the next 6 months as part of the implementation phase. It is expected that findings from monitoring and evaluation will collect and report meaningful information on the progress of Tirohanga Hou and help in:

  • developing a shared understanding of what success looks like
  • knowing when we have achieved it
  • identifying early adjustment to activities if required.

There will be regular reporting to the Minister of Tourism and the Better Work Leadership Group on the implementation of the Better Work Action Plan. 

Last updated: 28 June 2023