Project progress against milestones

Current tourism and conservation projects’ progress.

Aoraki Mount Cook with teal blue glacier lake in foreground.

The following shows the progression of current International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) projects against key milestones, as at 30 June 2023 [3].


Kākāpō Recovery Programme

Development of long-term sustainable management approach for kākāpō and establishment of new habitat sites.

  • Investment priority: Increasing Species management
  • Project end date: 2026

Key milestones 2022/2023

  • New transmitter technology development | Being delivered

  • Maungatautari kākāpō translocation | Being delivered

  • Te Kākahu breeding pilot | Delivered  

  • 10-year strategic plan | Being delivered

  • Coal Island and Five Fingers kākāpō translocation | Being delivered

Responding to visitor pressure on conservation and the environment

Ruapekapeka Pā

Development of Ruapekapeka Pā as an attraction for visitors; support of Te Ruapekapeka Trust to Commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Batle of Ruapekapeka Pā.

  • Investment priority: Protecting and enhancing natural and cultural heritage
  • Project end date: 2026

Key milestones 2022/2023

Install new historic armaments for display | Being delivered

Regulatory compliance – Building capacity and capability for conservation law enforcement

Increase capacity and capability to enable investigations into illegal activity on conservation lands and waters, wildlife crime, and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)-related crime.

  • Investment priority: Protecting endangered species from smuggling and ensuring consistent application of rules on conservation land and waters natural and cultural heritage
  • Project end date: 2025

Key milestones 2022/2023

  • Delivery of outreach campaigns leading to increased levels of public engagement and awareness about conservation compliance | Being delivered

  • Improving the auditing of concessionaires by establishing a monitoring and audit team | Delivered

  • Completing investigations into over 200 incidents logged into the Department’s CLE Works enforcement system | Delivered

  • Strengthening compliance officer and district warranted officer relationships through engagement, coaching and mentoring | Being delivered

  • Deployment of conservation enforcement dog and collaboration with border operation companies | Being delivered

  • Enhancing compliance capacity to strengthen border capability, detect wildlife crimes, and enable increased investigations | Being delivered

Additional commentary on projects

The kākāpō translocation to Five Fingers/Taumoana was paused due to a rat incursion on Resolution Island. The Maungatautari sanctuary was prepared for translocation which occurred in FY 23/24.

The project end dates for Kākāpō Recovery and Ruapekapeka Pā have been extended, total allocated budget remains the same.

Tourism strategic infrastructure

TRENZ Connect

To support the Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust (TINZT) to deliver Tourism Rendezvous New Zealand (TRENZ) for 2022 and 2023, New Zealand’s largest annual international tourism business-to-business travel and trade event

  • Investment priority: Destination management planning and investment
  • Project end date: 2023

Key milestones 2022/2023

  • Funding for TRENZ Connect – an online platform that connects domestic buyers with international sellers, by enabling domestic sellers to list for free until the main markets of China, Australia and USA are restored. TRENZ Connect was held over 17-19 May 2022 | Delivered

  • Working capital provided for TRENZ 2023, enabling preparations for the 2023 event to continue | Delivered

Freedom Camping Vehicle Register

Design and build an electronic register of self-contained vehicles and to set up the register’s associated systems.

Investment priority: Tourism Communities and Regions
Project end date: 2023

Key milestones 2022/2023

Design, build, test and implement the register with support documentation | Delivered

i-SITE Network

i-Site upgrade.

Investment priority: Tourism Communities and Regions
Project end date: 2026

Key milestones 2022/2023

  • Brand Development | Delivered

  • Physical updates for 14 destination i-SITEs | Being delivered

  • Development of i-SITE digital assets | Being delivered

Tourism system capability

Promotion of Tourism Careers – Building the Tourism Workforce Programme

Deliver through Go with Tourism (GWT) a programme to improve perceptions of tourism career pathways and attract more people into New Zealand’s tourism and hospitality workforce.

  • Investment priority: Workforce and skills
  • Project end date: 2023

Key milestones 2022/2023

  • Increased placement of candidates into employment with tourism or hospitality employers | Being delivered

  • GWT Expos are delivered and GWT participates in multiple other expos facilitated by other organisations | Being delivered

  • Secondary schools and tertiary providers are engaged and participate with GWT programme | Being delivered

  • Increased marketing reach across all GWT social media channels | Not achieved due to programme closing

  • Place 100+ candidates with an employer through the Pledge A Placement programme (68 candidates placed through this particular programme) | Being delivered

RTNZ Destination Management capability

Destination management capability building.

  • Investment priority: Tourism Communities and Regions
  • Project end date: 2024

Key milestones 2022/2023

  • Benchmark RTO capability | Being delivered

  • Build capability of RTO network | Being delivered

  • Connecting key stakeholders to Destination Management Plans and RTOs | Being delivered

  • Destination Management plan review and and extensions | Being delivered

[3] Past projects are captured in previous IVL Annual Performance Reports, available:

IVL annual performance reports