Section 2: Project progress reporting

Read about how the projects progressed against the key IVL milestones in 2019/20.

Conservation Portfolio – Progress Against Key Milestones

Pillar: Biodiversity

Below are the 3 investment priorities that come under this pillar and the projects that demonstrate them:

Investment priority: Increasing species management

Project: Kākāpō Recovery Programme

Description: Development of a long-term sustainable management approach for kākāpō and establishment of new habitat sites.

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • First female kākāpō translocated to Te Kākahu-o-Tamatea / Chalky Island (delivered)
  • NoraNet infrastructure for Te Kākahu-o-Tamatea / Chalky Island underway (being delivered)
  • Finalise translocation strategy with the help of genomic/genetic research data (delivered)

Project end date: 2024

Investment priority: Conservation partnerships with communities, local government and regional stakeholders

Project: Te Manahuna Aoraki Landscape Scale Restoration

Description: Implementation of 17 projects to test pest control methods and technology.

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Test predator-proof fence (delivered)
  • Mana whenua first site visit to Motuariki Island to start scoping rūnanga-led project (delivered)
  • Train conservation dogs to support project (delivered)
  • Develop long-term plan for the proposed 20-year project (being delivered)

Project end date: 2021

Investment priority: Protecting sensitive and ecologically valuable landscapes

Project: Maukahuka Pest Free Auckland Island

Description: Design stage to enable the successful eradication of pests from Maukahuka Auckland Island; specifically, to create and test infrastructure systems and technology for the Island.

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Feasibility study (delivered)
  • Operation Endurance – native species monitoring (delivered)
  • Design and test of new eradication tools and capability (paused)
  • Design and build infrastructure and installation at place (paused)

Project end date: 2024

Pillar: Responding to visitor pressure on conservation and the environment

Below are the 3 investment priorities that come under this pillar and the projects that demonstrate them:

Investment priority: Protecting and enhancing natural and cultural heritage

Project: Ruapekapeka Pā

Description: Development of Ruapekapeka Pā as an attraction for visitors; support of Te Ruapekapeka Trust to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Battle of Ruapekapeka Pā.

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Develop an amenity area, install new armaments, create new walking track and upgrade existing tracks (being delivered)
  • New and revamped signage to support Te Ruapekapeka Trust storytelling project (being delivered)

Project end date: 2021

Investment priority: Advancing visitor safety

Project: Visitor Safety System Trial and Pilot

Description: Trial integration of risk management system to manage environmental risks and visitor safety

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Diagnostic, design and trial phases to develop a more comprehensive approach to hazard and risk management(delivered)
  • Pilot in Tongariro and Nelson Lakes Districts (being delivered)

Project end date: 2021

Investment priority: Protecting endangered species from smuggling and ensuring consistent application of rules on conservation land and waters

Project: Regulatory Compliance – Building Capacity and Capability for Conservation Law Enforcement

Description: Increase capacity and capability to enable investigations into illegal activity on conservation lands and waters, wildlife crime, and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)-related crime (was previously referred to as ‘Increased monitoring of Trade in Endangered Species and tourism compliance’).

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Training of reptile-detection dog (being delivered)
  • Upgrade of CITES IT system, including a new user interface and improved enquiry and reporting functionality (being delivered)
  • Social media on Chinese platforms directing people to new DOC webpages about traditional medicines (delivered)
  • Summer 2019/20 concession campaign (delivered)
  • Enhancing compliance capacity to strengthen border capability, detect wildlife crimes, and enable increased investigations (being delivered).

Project end date: 2024

Tourism Portfolio – Progress Against Key Milestones

Pillar: Tourism Strategic Infrastructure

Below is the 1 investment priority that comes under this pillar and the projects that demonstrate this:

Investment priority: Destination Management planning and investment

Project: Arthur’s Pass Destination Management, Stage 1

Description: Delivery of a collaborative co-design approach to support development of a well-functioning, regional visitor destination.

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Planning and recommendations (delivered)
  • Finalisation of report and initial design of key sites (being delivered)

Project end date: 2020

Project: Milford Opportunities Project, Stage 2

Description: Delivery of a comprehensive masterplan for Milford Sound Piopiotahi.

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Project re-establishment and resourcing (delivered)
  • Workstream establishment and option generation (delivered)
  • Options assessment (delivered)
  • Selection of strategic options (being delivered)
  • Drafting the Master Plan (being delivered)

Project end date: 2021

Project: Westland Destination Management, Stage 1 – Fox

Description: Delivery of 8 projects on the West Coast to enhance visitor access to conservation and tourism activities.

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Glacier Views: new carpark and cycle trail on the southside of Fox River (delivered)
  • Fox River valley track modifications (delivered)
  • Lake Gault walk: Kā Tiritiri o te Moana (delivered)
  • Improvements to ‘Peak View’ lookout area on the Cook Flats (being delivered)
  • Re-opening the coastal walkway to Galway Beach (being delivered)
  • Extending the cycle/walking trail on Cook Flat Road to Lake Matheson (being delivered)
  • Re-configuring Lake Matheson carpark (deferred)
  • Southside Toilets (deferred)

Project end date: 2020

Pillar: Tourism System Capability

Below is the investment priority that comes under this pillar and the project that demonstrates this:

Investment priority: Workforce and skills

Project: Promotion of Tourism Careers – Building the Tourism Workforce Programme

Description: Revised programme to support efforts to grow the tourism workforce in the long-term and retain valuable tourism skills within New Zealand.

Key milestones 2019/20:

  • Expand ‘Go with Tourism’ platform across regions (delivered)
  • Appoint National and Regional Coordinators (delivered)
  • Communications and social media campaigns (delivered)
  • School Engagement programme (being delivered)
  • Industry open days (being delivered)
  • Networking and mentoring (being delivered)
  • *Pivot programme for COVID-19 redeployment support (delivered)

Project end date: 2023