MIQ Experience Survey

The Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) Experience Survey – Uiui mō te Wheako Noho Taratahi a te Kāwanatanga (MIQ) asked for feedback from people staying in all MIQ facilities in New Zealand.

Purpose of the survey

The MIQ Experience Survey asked returnees to tell us about the key phases they went through on their journey with us, from planning their travel to New Zealand, through to when they were near the end of their stay in MIQ.

The views and experiences of people who went through MIQ were important to us. Receiving feedback through the online survey helped us understand what was working well, and where we could make improvements.

Who conducted this survey?

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) designed the survey to gather information needed by wider stakeholders involved in managing isolation and quarantine facilities in New Zealand.

Cemplicity, an experienced health research agency, was contracted by MBIE to implement this survey.

Survey participants

We invited people aged 18 years or over, who completed roughly 12 days of their stay in MIQ to complete the MIQ Experience survey.

When there was a group staying together in MIQ, we asked one person to complete the survey.

Participant selection

We invited people to complete the survey if they booked to stay in MIQ through the Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS).

The MIAS Privacy Statement noted that the information provided in the booking system may be used to contact people for research purposes.

As a contracted and approved agent of MBIE, Cemplicity was provided with the names and email addresses of expected arrivals into MIQ so they could invite people to complete this survey. This information was transferred securely from MIQ to Cemplicity and was treated confidentially.


The MIQ Experience Survey was an anonymous survey. Information that could identify individuals was not linked to survey responses and it was not collected or stored as part of the research data.

Names and email addresses were only used to invite individuals to participate in the survey and were deleted from the survey dataset. MBIE and wider MIQ stakeholders did not know who responded to the survey. 

The feedback provided was combined with other anonymous feedback to produce insights about the overall MIQ experience. The survey response data was collected, stored securely and only accessed for research and high level reporting purposes.

Survey results

The results of the survey can be found on our results page.

Returnee survey results