Seeking feedback on the Customer and Product Data Bill (consumer data right)

Submissions closed: 24 July 2023, 5pm

We recently sought feedback on the exposure draft of the Customer and Product Data Bill (the draft law) and the accompanying discussion document.

The draft law will give customers more control over their data, allowing them to safely and securely access, manage, and share this data with others.

When businesses like banks, power companies and mobile phone companies provide us with services, data is created – for example, account histories, transaction records or information on usage. This is ‘customer data’. It is held by businesses and is protected by business security measures (as well as the Privacy Act 2020 in the case of personal information). Customer data holds enormous value and opportunity, but only if customers can make full use of it by choosing to share it with applications and people they trust.

The draft law unlocks the value of data for people and their businesses by:

  • improving customers access to and control over their own data
  • allowing for customers to request that their data be exchanged in a standardised way, and
  • ensuring those who access data using the draft law are accredited as trustworthy.

In practical terms, it will give customers the power to ask that a business share their customer data with another, trusted business in a safe and secure manner. This will allow for new, data-enabled products and services to be created.

The draft law also means businesses will have to make information about their products available in formats that can be automatically read and processed by a computer. This will enable easy product comparison and switching.

There are also opportunities to support by-Māori, for-Māori data initiatives, business-to-business applications, and improved accessibility and inclusion.

Map of the CDR framework [PDF, 143 KB]

Summary of discussion document [PDF, 299 KB]

Discussion document [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Discussion document online

Exposure draft of the Bill [PDF, 333 KB]

Submission template [DOCX, 31 KB]


Submissions closed on 24 July 2023 and a total of 54 submissions were received.

Some personal identifiers have been removed as well as some sensitive information at the request of submitters.

View the submissions on the exposure draft of the Customer and Product Data Bill (the draft law) and the accompanying discussion document.

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