Proposed amendments to the BuiltReady scheme rules

Submissions closed: 12 December 2023, 5pm

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) seeks written submissions on proposed amendments to the BuiltReady scheme. This consultation focuses on using the BuiltReady brand and mandating MBIE's manufacturer's certificate template. The consultation deadline closes on 12 December at 5pm.


BuiltReady is a voluntary modular component manufacturer scheme that shows manufacturer designs (where applicable) and manufactures modular components that comply with the New Zealand Building Code. Building consent authorities must accept a current manufacturer’s certificate as establishing compliance with the Building Code, so long as it is issued by a manufacturer certified and registered to design and manufacture.

The BuiltReady scheme rules (the scheme rules) apply to the scheme parties, which are:

  • the modular component manufacturer (MCM) certification accreditation body (the accreditation body), an organisation appointed by MBIE to accredit certification bodies to the MCM scheme
  • MCM certification bodies (also referred to as MCMCBs), which are the third-party organisations that evaluate modular component manufacturers for certification
  • manufacturers of modular components (also referred to as MCMs) that hold current MCM certification.

This consultation will be of interest to the scheme parties and also to:

  • building consent authorities, which must accept modular components detailed on a BuiltReady manufacturer’s certificate from a certified and registered modular component manufacturer as Building Code compliant (when used in accordance with the conditions on the BuiltReady manufacturer’s certificate)
  • manufacturers of modular components interested in applying for BuiltReady certification
  • other users including designers, builders and consumers.

As per sections 272ZI and 272ZJ of the Building Act, there are offences related to misrepresenting yourself as a BuiltReady scheme party if that is not the case. These offences can incur penalties up to $1,500,000. Due to this, it’s important to us that the industry and relevant parties find the rules around both the branding and manufacturer’s certificates clear and workable.


MBIE is seeking your feedback on 2 proposals to the BuiltReady scheme rules:

  1. Incorporating use of the BuiltReady brand for scheme participants.
  2. Mandating use of MBIE’s manufacturer’s certificate template for registered manufacturers.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback from affected parties on whether the addition of these new rules will have any adverse or negative impacts. Please refer to the discussion document for more detailed information.

Consultation documents