He aha kai roto i tēnei puka? | What’s in this Document?

This 2023 Regional Workforce Plan update provides an opportunity to reflect on our mahi, reshape our areas of focus and make plans for emerging and evolving sectors. This document is an update of the 2022 Regional Workforce Plan. It is important to note that this document should be read alongside the 2022 Regional Workforce Plan.

2022 Regional Workforce Plan

The document is structured through the following sections:

Tā Mātau Haereka, Tō Tātau Rohe | Our Journey, Our Region

We reintroduce Te Kāhui Whakahaere i kā Pūkeka ā-rohe o Murihiku (RSLG) and our aspirations, and revisit our initial Regional Workforce Plan Pou – alongside updated statistics about the Murihiku region.

He Whakaaro ki te Ara i Takahia – 2022 He Kōrero Hōu mō Te Rautaki Huka Mahi ā Rohe | Reflections on Our Progress – 2022 Regional Workforce Plan Update

We’ve marked progress against aspirations introduced in our 2022 Regional Workforce Plan (RWP), noting the successes and challenges we have faced along the way. We acknowledge the efforts of our regional stakeholders and partners, as they committed to a regionally joined-up approach in planning and implementation.

Kā Taero me kā Āheitaka kai mua i Tō Tātau Rohe | Challenges and Opportunities for the Region

The 2022 RWP clearly articulated the need for our region to be resilient in the face of challenges affecting our regional, national and global economy. In this document we expand on our role as RSLG as the region faces ongoing uncertainty and challenges from several aspects.

He Tirohaka ki Kā Rākai Mahi Hou | Emerging and Evolving Sectors

The update shines a spotlight on three regionally important sectors for consideration of workforce and education requirements:

  • Te Pūkao Whakahou – Te Hauwai | Renewable Energy – Hydrogen
  • Te Ahumoana | Aquaculture
  • Kā Mahi Waihaka | Construction

Ā Mātau Mahi – Kua Arotahihia | Our Actions - Refocused

Our 2022 RWP included an Action Plan representing the RSLG’s core areas of focus. We identified a series of priority actions that were core to our future work programme, and had a short to medium term impact horizon (6-12 months to 1-2 years). In most cases, we have achieved our objectives. Our priority actions have now become part of our core mahi, enabling us to refocus the nature and scope of our 2023 actions.

Tā Mātau kupu Whakamāherehere ki Te Amorangi Mātauranga Matua (TEC) | Our Advice to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)

Advising the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) on new and evolving tertiary education needs in our region is a key responsibility for RSLGs. The first tranche of TEC submissions was completed by all RSLGs in April 2023. A summary of our submission is provided within this document.