Members of Parliament pay freeze and review

The Remuneration Authority (Members of Parliament Remuneration) Amendment Bill freezes Members' of Parliament pay at current levels until 30 June 2019.

About the Bill

The new Bill was introduced to Parliament on 18 September 2018.

MPs' pay is now frozen at current levels until 30 June 2019 which is when the next determination by the Remuneration Authority is due. The freeze will also allow time for us to do work to ensure the settings for determining MPs' pay are appropriate.

The impact of the Bill

The Remuneration Authority was due to release the Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Determination 2018. This determines, according to a formula set in law, an increase of 3.08% for MPs' salaries.

The Government considers this increase to be unjustifiably high and warrants reviewing the settings for determining MPs' pay.

The Bill means this increase doesn’t apply and MPs’ pay will remain at 2017 levels.

Main documents

Read the announcement of the Bill by the Prime Minister and Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety.(external link)

Read the Regulatory Impact Statement MPs remuneration [PDF, 374 KB]

Read the Bill on the New Zealand Parliament website.(external link)