Members of Parliament pay freeze and review

The Remuneration Authority (Members of Parliament Remuneration) Amendment Bill repeals the 2015 changes and restores the Remuneration Authority’s discretion to set MPs’ pay based on specified criteria.

About the Bill

MPs' pay was frozen in 2018, after the Government determined that the proposed salary increase to be unjustifiably high. The freeze allowed time for us to do work to ensure the settings for determining MPs' pay are appropriate.

The new Bill will be introduced to Parliament on 28 August 2019.

The impact of the Bill

Government will be introducing a new bill to repeal the formula put in place through 2015 amendments. Under the new system, the Remuneration Authority will be required to commence a review within three months after the conclusion of a general election. The Authority would conduct one review after each General Election, and would set MPs’ pay for the entire term of Parliament specified on a year-by-year basis.

The Remuneration Authority will also be required to consider the value of the personal benefit arising out of entitlements when setting MPs salaries.

Main documents

Read the announcement by the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety.(external link)