The Uplift in context

The data in the table below is for the period August 2015 to March 2022, within which Uplift grant payments were approved. It shows that the combined QNZPE for the 6 productions covered by the assessment that had grant funding approved was a fraction over $0.75 billion, with an average of $125 million.

The final column of the table also shows the Uplift component of grants approved. (Payment of the Uplift for Mulan is not yet reflected in this table given current discussions on fulfilment of the MOU terms.)

Expenditure and grant funding for international NZSPG-supported productions

The table includes grants for Post, Digital and Visual effects (PDV) projects.

Production Total QNZPE, $million Total grant, $million Of which, 5% Uplift component, $million
Ghost in the Shell 122.2 30.6 6.1
Mortal Engines 209.3 52.4 10.5
Mulan 201.9 40.4 0.0
The Meg 99.1 24.8 5.0
Pete’s Dragon 87.5 21.9 4.4
Power Rangers (Dino Charge) 32.5 8.1 1.6
Total for Uplift productions (N=6) 752.5 178.2 27.6
Mean for 6 Uplift productions 125.4 29.7 4.6
Total for non-Uplift productions (N=109) 1880.4 375.9 -
Mean for 109 other productions 17.3 3.4 -
Total productions (N=115) 2632.9 554.1 -

Source: New Zealand Film Commission

LBSPG / NZSPG-International Grants Approved: 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2022 [PDF 95.5KB](external link)

To put the Uplift into context, the table also shows the total Uplift-supported QNZPE as a proportion of total (Uplift + non-Uplift) QNZPE. Within the scope of this report, Uplift-supported productions represented 29% of the total QNZPE over this period, and 32% of the grant.

Interestingly, the source data show that 23 of the non-Uplift productions during the period in question had QNZPE of greater than the $30 million mandatory minimum required to satisfy section A of the SEB points test. The relevance of this finding is that it implies that there may be scope for increasing the number of productions that receive the Uplift, if that were deemed to be desirable.  However, it should be noted that Section A of the SEB points test is only 1 of 4 parts of the test, and that the 23 productions would not necessarily have passed the other 3 parts, even if they had been invited to apply for the Uplift, or had been interested in pursuing the possibility.

Last updated: 31 August 2023