Next steps and timing

The feedback we receive in this consultation will help us develop policy advice about what changes should be made to the NZSPG.

We expect any changes will begin being introduced through 2023-24. Longer timeframes may be applied to some changes, where producers and others may be required to make changes to their current policies and practices.

The below table outlines the key stages of the review and indicative timing for decisions.

Review phase Indicative timing
Determining facts and building January – May 2022
Developing options for change June – September 2022
Public consultation on proposed options October – December 2022
Final report to Ministers and Cabinet By June 2023
Implementation of policy decisions From June 2023

Transitional arrangements

The Government recognises investors and productions need to be able to make decisions with confidence throughout the course of the Review of Government Investment in the Screen Sector and appreciates the strategic nature of these investment decisions.

The New Zealand Screen Production Grant is still available and eligible international and domestic productions can still apply for funding under the NZSPG while the Review is taking place.

The Terms of Reference for the Review signals the Government’s objectives, and the scope of matters that may be considered under the review. No changes to the New Zealand Screen Production Grant will be made until after Cabinet decisions in the first half of 2023.

Any transitional period may vary depending on the level of change involved. Any changes would be well signalled in advance and would apply only after an appropriate transition period to enable productions and investors to make informed decisions. Productions registered as part of the NZSPG application process will be neither disadvantaged nor advantaged through the transitional period.